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If you're looking for someone who can truly do "all the voices" -
look no further than Ian.

Offering a distinct, dynamic vocal presence and professional demeanor, Ian Russell is a seasoned voice actor with a global presence. His voiceover skills have been featured on TV, in cinema and video games, on radio and as an audiobook narrator.

Ian’s warm, international tones are the perfect fit for corporate narration, eLearning, wildlife documentary, internet explainer or promo project, and his video game voiceover is exceptional. He’s got the energy energy needed for character work as well, and provides expert animated voices for cartoons, apps and TV promos.

Corporate & Explainer Voiceover

His corporate and commercial client list includes International companies like Coca-Cola, Mastercard, Nestle, Mini, Heineken, Club Med, Pedigree, Philips, and The United Nations among others. Featuring a clean, clear and concise sound perfect for corporate narration and explainer videos, Ian has been featured across the internet and behind the scenes in many “how to” projects and eLearning projects.

Video Game & Audiobook Voiceover

Ian’s character voice work has been featured across the gaming industry, in both narrative and trailer spots for games like PayDay 2, The Endless Space franchise, Bards Tale IV, Seven The Days Long Gone and more. His audiobook experience includes appearances in The Berlin Deception by Jeffrey Vanke, The Red Hill and Breaker of Bones by David Penny – and more. The versatile style of Ian’s voice lends itself to character interpretation that truly connects with audiences.

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Stanley Tools • Blade • BNF Bank • Bora • Tata Motors • Bernard Massard • Cloralen Bleach • Britelite Windows • Infiniti • AMC • TNT • Club Med • MINI • Visa • Allianz • Scott Forge • Icon1000 • Concierge Auctions • Delta • Shoreline • Stor Enso • Kolokuo • and more

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